Custom Floral Swoosh T-Shirt
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Custom Floral Swoosh T-Shirt

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If you would like to custom your own Floral Swoosh T-Shirt, this is for you!


To order, simply make payment for this custom order, and proceed to email me the following:

1. Your preferred colours for the floral embroidery

2. Preferred embroidery within the Swoosh Logo (Florals, Foliage, Beads+Sequins, etc)

3. T-Shirt colour and size: Black/White, S/M


*Cutting of T-Shirt is fixed: Loose-fit, slightly cropped

*Size of T-Shirts: 

Size S- 48cm across bust, 52cm length

Size M- 50cm across bust, 55cm length

*This custom order includes the brand new T-Shirt! If you would like me to embroider on your existing T-Shirt, drop me an email or DM!


*I purchase all the T-shirts for this order from Zara as I personally love the fit and cutting!


Upon order confirmation, your custom T-shirt will be mailed out within 14 days!


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